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Welcome! I am writing to you from Bad Wildbad, in the beautiful Black Forest.

About 12 years ago I discovered water, wellness and WALK, preferably in the forest.

Since then I have wandered around at every opportunity. I find it difficult to sit still.

I have the best ideas in the great outdoors - "in my outdoor office". When it storms, I just cycle indoors and watch nature documentaries, unless I'm working or studying online or offline.

Why am I telling you this?

It is my vision to inspire as many people as possible to be able to carry out meaningful work in and with their favorite pastimes.

Allowing ourselves to spend more of our lifetime the way we want to.

Spend less time doing it than we think we have to.

The goal is to gain more freedom, strength and self-realization for many people.

For a long time you should be as extroverted as possible and have a penchant for the big stage in order to be really successful. Nothing will change for anyone who feels comfortable in the spotlight. It is also very important for many to surround, celebrate and care with many people.

Today you can also live your personal version of success with quieter tones and in peace and quiet. To one or the other it is already beeing very successful if he can freely dispose of his own time from Monday to Sunday.

Teamwork and mutual growth are no longer mutually exclusive, even for "party-goers" and "loners" and people who are very close to nature and love peace and quiet.

Even in the (virtual) team, not everyone has to tick the same way. Some are drawn to the stage, others to the forest. Together we are strong.

Thanks to digitization!


Enjoy the daily work-

- where you feel most comfortable.

- with whom one feels comfortable.

- what makes you feel good.

Very easily.

May i invite you

to get to know the New Work idea and your own "Green Business" possibilities a little better?





Building a part-time business can be easy and successful if it happens on a regular basis and is kept as varied as possible with different, first-class products, current topics and a highly motivated support team.

We assume that many people...

-with us

-with us

... and discover or rediscover the fun of building a part-time business with our training. For more freedom and a responsible life.

Are you in? Then be with it!




"Natur und HighTech wirkungsvoll verbunden. Natürliche Entfaltung und Performance. Lust auf Neues?"

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Be free - Be you - Be happy

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